Bet you thought I forgot, didn’t you? 😛

Happy 11 years, Catnip Circle… and Catnip Circle is coming out of hiatus! I’m so sorry I took an extended hiatus for most of the last year.  (o´д`)o I would have been back sooner, but due to my back issues and some big life events, taking that extended break was what was needed! Unfortunately… I didn’t communicate that too well here (it is definitely way past July 2022ヽ(゜ロ゜;)ノ).  I am in a place currently where I can keep up with Catnip Circle and not destroy my back in the process.

See you May 2nd!


EDIT (5/9/2023): So… as you can see, the update hasn’t gone through yet… because I put my back out, again! 。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚+)゚。 I had mentioned this on twitter, but not everybody checks it. Today is actually the first day I can sit in an upright position and not want to cry. It’s not too serious, but I will need to postpone the update to June 2nd. While I do have a buffer, this buffer won’t be long enough for my back to heal, and I do not want to scramble for updates. ( ´∀`)I’m sorry! It’s embarrassing to have a bad back~