It’s Catnip Circle’s 12th anniversary… and I realized when going to upload this that I never gave an update on why I’ve been absent.

The day after the last update, I had a surprise surgery (my gallbladder was messed up lol), and I ended up having complications and staying in the hospital for 5 days. It wasn’t fun! And on top of that, Clover, my sweet senior cat, had been diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer (a week before my surgery TT_TT). On top of the physical pain from the surgery (it took a long time to get the energy back to sit upright long enough to draw), the emotional toll of having this surprise surgery and my cat having cancer was pretty difficult. About 3 weeks after I came home, we had to make the difficult decision to put her to sleep. I was very depressed, and I kind of put everything on the back burner. I lost the will to draw for a while.

Slowly, that desire has returned, and I want to finish this current chapter of Catnip Circle. I hate taking breaks in the middle of a story unless I absolutely have to. Updates will be resuming in May. I am so sorry I hadn’t given an explanation until now, but believe it or not, I thought I already had, but I was mistaken. (ā—ļ¹ā—) With everything that happened with me, it completely left my mind. Whoops! Please look forward to updates resuming in May~